Welcome To Yarra Heights Dance Academy!

Yarra Heights Dance Academy offers dance classes for all ages in a range of styles including jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, contemporary, theatrical and more.

Classes are run by energetic, enthusiastic teachers keen to share their skills and love for dance with students.

Come and find out why so many students love to dance at Yarra Heights Dance Academy.

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Our Community & Culture

We make dancing fun.  We pride ourselves on nurturing a strong, caring and all-inclusive community.  We’d love you to join us.

Our Facilities

We have state of the art facilities, featuring 3 temperature-controlled studios with sprung dance floors, along with welcoming family and student community spaces.

Our Teachers

Our teachers care about our students.  We have some of the  best teachers in the industry who are fully qualified and experienced in teaching all ages, styles and levels.

Our Classes

With more than 25 years of experience providing quality dance training, we have offer an extensive range of classes catering for students who dance for fun or students who dance for a career.

Dance Styles

Ballet & Pointe

Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance, with its techniques forming the framework for many other styles of dance. For this reason, it is often the first style of dance that children learn when they begin dancing.

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Jazz & Commercial Jazz

Jazz is a form of dance commonly used in Broadway shows and movies. It is a more contemporary form of dance when compared to ballet and has become an essential part of musical theatre choreography due to its upbeat, high-energy style.

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Tap dance is a lively style in which dancers wear tap shoes to create a rhythmical tapping sound as they dance. Well known tap performers and shows include Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Tap Dogs and Hot Shoe Shuffle.

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Contemporary dance is the name given to a group of 20th century dance forms. Rather than a specific dance technique, contemporary is a collection of methods developed from modern and postmodern dance, including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. It is an expressive form of dance that connects the mind and body through dance movements.

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Hip Hop

As often seen in music video clips, hip hop is a dance form that involves modern and up to date techniques with energetic moves that are exciting to dance and to watch. Vibrant, fun and challenging, this style has grown increasingly popular in the past 20 years.

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Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is a combination of dancing, acting and singing performed to songs from popular musicals.

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Acrobatics & Tumbling

Acro dance is a mix of dance and acrobatics. It features smooth transitions between dance movements and acrobatic techniques, such as tricks, partner lifts and poses.

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Classical Character/National

Character/national dance is a specialised form of classical dance seen in famous ballets such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker. It is a stylised representation of a traditional folk or national dance, usually from European countries, and uses movements and music adapted for the theatre. Character work teaches musicality, rhythm and mime.

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Improving your pitch and tone is the main focus of singing lessons. Singing can be improved through various vocal techniques such as proper breathing, posture, tone production, intonation, diction, phrasing and ear training.  Students are given the opportunity to work on a chosen song during each lesson.

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