Yarra Heights Dance Academy is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students enrolled at the dance school. The dance school has several policies in place to help ensure all students find the school a friendly, safe and comfortable environment in which to pursue their dancing.


Yarra Heights Dance Academy Pty Ltd (YHDA) is a Child Safe environment, committed to abide by the Victorian Government Child Safe Standard.  This Code of Conduct reflects our organisation’s commitment to child safety and wellbeing.  At YHDA everyone is entitled to feel safe, included and happy. YHDA has a zero tolerance to bullying and discrimination.  This Code of Conduct outlines appropriate standards of behaviour expected from students and families of our Academy.

The following behaviours are not permitted within our Academy:

Harassment / Intimidation
Teasing / Mocking / Sniggering
Excluding / Isolating
Backstabbing / talking negatively of a student
Disrespectful behaviour E.g. eye rolling
Physical abuse or mistreatment
Swearing / inappropriate language
Aggressive behaviour

Our Expectations:

Respect for students: Communicate in a respectful manner, listen to and value the ideas and opinions of others. Be considerate, inclusive and supportive of others.
Respect staff, teachers, parents, families and visitors to our Academy.
Welcome all students and their families. We do not discriminate against students and families for any reason including age, gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality or disability.
Protect the privacy of students: Never film or photograph students or publish or forward personal details, images or video of students without their consent
Students under the age of 18yr should not communicate directly with staff or teachers through personal or private contact channels (including phone, texting, social media, instant messaging or email), except where that communication is an urgent matter. Students under the age of 18yr should not exchange personal contact details such as phone number, social networking site or email addresses with staff and teachers.
Use appropriate language and conversation suitable for children.

Breaches of this Code of Conduct or concerns of bullying or abuse must be immediately reported to the Director – louise@yarraheightsdance.com
Inappropriate behaviour by a student or family member can result in dismissal of a student from the Academy
If a child is at immediate risk of serious abuse, please phone the police on 000.


This document outlines expected behaviour from the students of Yarra Heights Dance Academy Pty Ltd.

Be honest and courteous and all times.
Attend class regularly.
Attend class with a good attitude and a positive mindset, ready to learn.
Arrive on time for class and if late, warmup before participating in class.
Report any injuries to teachers.
Bring a named water bottle to class. Eating and drinking from open cups is not permitted in the studios.
Be mindful of personal hygiene. Roll on deodorant is preferred to aerosols.
Adhere to the Academy’s dress code.
Adhere to the Academy’s code of conduct.
Show respect and be courteous to teachers. Do not talk whilst the teacher is talking.  Always thank teachers at the end of class.
Act as a role model to younger students, demonstrating appropriate language, conversation and behaviour around the studio.
Phones and electronic devices are to be left out of the studio or kept on silent and are not to be used during class.
Respect property belonging to other students.
Respect and care for the Academy’s facilities and equipment.
Ensure all rubbish is placed in the bin and dishes are washed and put away.
Do not leave the studio without a parent/guardian or without written permission of a parent.


In 2016 the Commission for Children and Young People was set up in Victoria to protect children.  From 1st January 2017, organisations that provide services or facilities for children in Victoria are required to meet Child Safe Standards with a focus on building and maintaining a child safe environment.
This policy was written to demonstrate the strong commitment that Yarra Heights Dance Academy Pty Ltd (YHDA) has to child safety and to provide an outline of the policies and practices we have developed to keep children in our care safe from any harm and abuse. This policy was developed in collaboration with all our staff, the children who use our services and their parents. It applies to all staff, volunteers, children and individuals involved in our Academy.

Yarra Heights Dance Academy Pty Ltd is committed to child safety.
We support, respect and protect all children.  We aim to create an environment where children feel happy, safe and have fun whilst learning. The welfare of children in our care is our priority and we have a zero tolerance to child abuse.
YHDA staff and volunteers empower and encourage children to express their views, especially about matters that directly affect them. We listen to their suggestions and respect what they have to say.
We teach children about what they can do if they feel unsafe. We listen to and act on any concerns children, or their parents, raise with us.
YHDA value diversity and do not tolerate any discriminatory practices.
To achieve this, we:
Welcome and promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children and their families
Welcome and promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and their families
Welcome children with a disability and their families
Seek appropriate staff of diverse ages and sexualities and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our Academy aims to recruit staff and volunteers who are suitably skilled to work with children.  We have robust recruitment practices and ongoing staff training to ensure that all staff and volunteers are aware of their obligations and support our culture of child safety.
To achieve this, we:
include our commitment to Child Safety in advertisements
interview and conduct referee checks on all permanent staff
require Working with Children Checks for all staff and volunteers who engage in child related work
provide support and supervision to our staff so they feel valued, respected and fairly treated
train all of our staff on this Child Safety policy so that they understand how to behave around children
supply all of our staff with a copy of our Code of Conduct which specifies the standards of conduct required when working with children
supervise staff regularly to ensure that they understand our commitment to child safety as well as checking that their behavior towards children is safe and appropriate
provide ongoing training in relation to our Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct
Everyone has a responsibility to report an allegation of abuse if there is a reasonable belief that the incident took place.  All allegations of safety concerns and child abuse will be treated seriously and thoroughly investigated in accordance with our child safety complaint procedures in a timely manner.
All children, families, staff and volunteers can raise a complaint or concern if they observe abuse or are a victim, or if they notice inappropriate behavior in the organisation.  Louise Smith (Director) has been appointed as Child Safety Officer with the specific responsibility for investigating and responding to any complaints and concerns of child abuse in a professional and timely manner. Alternative points of contact to report complaints are Leticia Barlow (Principal Teacher) and Raquel Clark (Enrolments Officer) 0437 252 336.
All allegations of abuse and safety concerns are recorded using our incident reporting form.  Updates are provided to children and families on progress of any investigations.  If we are concerned for a child’s safety, we have a legal obligation to contact appropriate authorities.
We recognise the importance of a risk management approach to minimising the potential for child abuse or harm to occur and use this to guide our policy and procedures. In addition to general occupational health and safety risks, we proactively identify and manage risks of abuse to our children.   These include risks posed by physical environments (e.g. doors that can lock), and online environments (e.g. staff contacting children via social media)
All personal information considered or recorded will respect the privacy of the individuals involved, whether they be staff, parents or children, unless there is a risk to someone’s safety.  All records are securely stored.  All related parties are entitled to know how information is recorded, what will be done with it and who will have access to it.
This policy will be reviewed every two years and following any significant incidents, that may occur.


When enrolling with Yarra Heights Dance Academy you must read and agree to the below terms and conditions:

1.    In accordance with the privacy laws, we will not use your contact details or personal information for any other purpose than for the running of the Academy. We will not forward your details to any person or organisation without your permission.
2.    Families must abide by the rules and regulations listed in these terms and conditions and in all other information provided to you.
3.    The person signing the enrolment form must agree to meet all costs attached to the enrolment.
4.    Yarra Heights Dance Academy, in the event of any accident or illness, will obtain such medical assistance as required.  The person signing the enrolment form must agree to meet any expenses attached to this medical assistance.
5.    Yarra Heights Dance Academy is clear of all responsibility and would not be liable for any loss, claim, damages or proceedings in respect of personal property and/or injury arising out of or in the course of participation in any activity in connection with enrolment.
6.    Yarra Heights Dance Academy may use any visual media i.e. photos, videos, or any other form – for advertising purposes on the AATBD website (www.aatbd.com.au), YHDA website (www.yarraheightsdance.com.au) newsletters and in any other professional advertising material that they see fit. (NB Names will not be published with any of these photos unless we have specific written permission from the student or parent/guardian.)
7.    Performances are professionally filmed and photographed and these are available for purchase by all the families within the Academy.
8.    There is a compulsory end of year concert which your child is expected to participate in as part of enrolment.
9.    In order to correctly instruct students, it will be necessary at times for teachers to physically touch students in order to place their bodies into correct positions.
10. There are no refunds on dance and costume fees paid.
11. All correspondence relating to enrolment, the dance classes and the annual concert will be communicated via email only and it is the parent/guardians responsibility to regularly check for this information.
12. The annual enrolment fee of $35 must be received before enrolment is confirmed.