Over 20 Years Experience…

Yarra Heights Dance Academy has more than 20 years of experience in providing quality dance training in a fun, friendly environment.

Established in 1996, Yarra Heights Dance Academy boasts more than 400 students and offers over 100 classes in a range of dance styles including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre and acro.

Classes are run by top industry professionals who are passionate about sharing their skills and love for dance through fun and engaging classes.

The dance school caters for all ages from preschool, primary and teens through to adults.

Classes are offered for beginners through to advanced, so whether you want to dance for fun or dance for a career, Yarra Heights Dance Academy can help you achieve your dancing dreams.

Our Aims & Goals

Yarra Heights Dance Academy aims to make dancing fun and engaging for students and their families by:
* Providing students with an enjoyable form of exercise in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.
* Offering a safe and caring environment for students to learn dance.
Educating students on various aspects of dance in order to help them develop to their full potential and build a lifelong love of dance.
* Offering dance classes that excite, challenge and motivate students.
Instructing students in a wide range of dance styles, allowing them to develop dance aptitude.
* Assisting students who may be interested in a career in dance by providing opportunities to help them develop their skills and talent.
* Promoting mental and physical development of children through dance.
* Treating every student with equal importance, respect and understanding.

Benefits of Dance

No matter what your age, there are many great benefits to be gained through dancing.

Physical fitness
Improving strength, coordination and balance as well as better posture and flexibility.

Self-esteem and confidence
Trying new things while practicing and developing new skills. Young children learn independence and persistence while improving on their dance skills over time.

Encouraging the use of imagination through dance, music and drama.

Increasing concentration and developing listening skills as students learn to follow their teacher’s instructions.

Social skills
Making new friends while learning to cooperate with other children. Students also learn about the importance of team work and learning to trust others.

Rhythm and timing
Children discover the beat of music and learn about timing and coordination while practising dance steps or a routine.